My Approach: The Power of Non-Directive Coaching

At its core, effective coaching is non-directive. Instead of offering advice or solutions, my role is to empower you to discover your own answers. This approach is essential for fostering self-reliance and sustainable personal growth.

Within the LLT Coaching™ program, I facilitate this process through two key techniques:

  • Targeted Questions: I use strategic questions designed to spark deep self-reflection and insights.
  • Active Reflection: I actively listen to what you say – and what you don’t say. I’ll also observe your body language and energy. This allows me to reflect your words and patterns back to you, creating a powerful space for you to gain greater self-awareness and identify your own path forward.

While I won’t tell you what to do, our sessions will be both challenging and deeply transformative. Together, we’ll identify practical steps to create lasting change and reach your goals.

LLT Coaching is not about mentorship, training, counseling, or therapy. It’s a collaborative process driven by your inner wisdom, where I act as your guide and partner on the journey.