This is a ‘No hustle’ zone.

I don’t buy the mantra that says ‘hustle’ and ‘hard work’ is necessary to succeed as a Coach. I simply don’t.

For a brief while, I carried the burden of expectation to ‘make a business out of Coaching’, ‘market yourself’, ‘chase’, ‘pursue clients’, ‘hustle till you make it!’. However, in a moment of clarity, I realized that I can’t hustle and remain authentic. I can’t hustle and maintain my ‘edge’ in coaching. I can’t hustle and maintain that ‘sacred space’ where coaching is my bliss.

Hustling, and aggressive marketing does not go with the kind of Coach that I am. I coach from a sacred place of inspiration and deep insight. There is a connection and a flow between me and the persons that I coach. It is very real, very powerful and authentic. I am not prepared to compromise that ‘magic’.

You see, Coaching found me. I didn’t go looking to ‘become a coach’.

I bring my best; my authentic self to Coaching because it is my calling and my vocation.

I am professional, ethical, disciplined and structured in my coaching practice, but it is not a profession nor business. It is my calling; my vocation.

My clients find me, and I don’t say ‘Yes’ to everyone.

So yes, call me lazy or naive, but I refuse to hustle or dive into the feeding frenzy of competition out there. This Coach refuses to step one inch away from his bliss.