Authentically me

Authenticity is a basic requirement for me personally as a Coach. It is also a focal area for exploration with my clients as I take them on the journey through the LLT Coaching™ program.

I have to be authentically me and also be able to draw out their own authentic self, if we are to succeed on our ‘deep dive’ journey into the depths of their own potential and awesomeness.

Life, and living out your authentic self, should be an expression not a performance.

We all go through a maturing and learning process, and success (however you define it), does not happen overnight.

Nevertheless, be mindful that competition and performance (as in ‘acting’) are strong allies of inauthenticity. They also hang out with stress, which is very effective at blurring out authenticity and stealing your bliss.

When you are living authentically in your purpose, you shouldn’t have to compete. You simply express what is within you; what is authentically you. You also keep your heart open to learning and to the learning process.

Staying in that posture, Life will surely bring the tide that floats your boat and the favourable winds that set your course. The LLT Coaching™ program is about aligning launching your boat and picking up those favourable winds.