Flying and Road Trips: Embracing Exploration

My passport is well-worn from countless adventures! From soaring above the clouds on over 12 incredible cruises to far-flung destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, to embarking on exciting road trips, travel is a passion that fuels my soul.

My boyhood love of flying never left me – that pre-flight buzz as I board a plane is still as thrilling as ever. And hitting the open road on a road trip offers a whole new sense of exploration and freedom.

Each journey, whether it’s exploring bustling cities, remote villages, or the breathtaking beauty of nature, broadens my perspective and deepens my appreciation for the world’s rich tapestry. I believe this openness and sense of adventure enrich my coaching approach, allowing me to connect with clients from all walks of life with empathy and a genuine curiosity about their unique journeys.