Black Lives Matter – a personal reflection.

I am unapologetically Black, proud of my ethnicity and heritage. I was one of several voices that spoke up and spoke out during the outpouring that followed the brutal murder of George Floyd in 2020.  I posted an internal blog in June 2020 Black Lives Matter; a personal reflection, and made a personal commitment to lend my voice, experience, and skills to drive change.

I am also equally unapologetically pro ‘All lives matter’ and proud of my multi-racial family and network of friends, colleagues, and allies.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion is a big deal for me. I am very comfortable having those uncomfortable conversations about race, equality, diversity, and inclusion both in the workplace and wider community. 

As Chair of Listening and Learning Together (LLT) sessions held monthly over a year with my previous organisation, I had the privilege of facilitating honest dialogue on topics that have ranged from Black Lives Matter, Women at Work, LGBTQ+ to Wellbeing and New Ways of working post Covid-19.  It has been amazing to witness the inherent power of storytelling and reflection.