Feedback That Fuels My Passion: Client Testimonials

My clients are the heart and soul of my coaching practice. Their trust and willingness to share their experiences allow me to continually grow and improve my services. This page offers a glimpse into the transformative journeys my clients have undertaken. All testimonials are shared with express permission and with the utmost respect for client confidentiality.

Your mentoring healed me… I felt stronger immediately. It helps so much when someone puts into words what I couldn’t clearly define myself.

Career Development Client

I wanted to say thank you for your time, support and guidance today. Your mentoring healed me, I am feeling much stronger already. It helps a lot when somebody names what I cannot really define for myself.


With every message I have heard from you, I feel more and more privileged to have met you. You do have a magical power to inspire by a couple of simple words. Thank you!

Coaching Client

I left our session with more self-awareness and a clarity of what I need to do next to help expedite my growth – not only professionally but personally as well. I think your approach of a combination of mentoring and coach style was just what I needed.

Leadership Coaching Client

Coaching has really helped me deeply reflect on my journey… I have gained more confidence to achieve many goals.

Personal Growth Client

You are truly unique. A ‘special person’ doesn’t do it justice because you transcend a physical embodiment so I am going with a very special soul. Your empathy, diplomacy and tactful approach are all qualities I have tried to learn.

Senior Leader

At first I was not sure whether coaching would be beneficial for me and I was worried about the commitment around my workload. But after the initial meeting with Jonathan, getting to know him and hearing more about coaching really resonated with me.

Career Transition Client

Both sessions were successful for me in that I took away tasks that will help me in my place of work. Jonathan is very skilled at balancing giving the client space with asking relevant questions that gently challenge.

Coaching Client

The first goals I shared with my coach were met within the space of two months, because I believed in myself and I had someone like Jonathan not only supporting me, but he showed he wants to see me win. I would say coaching has really helped me deeply reflect on my journey as a black woman and young person. I have gained more confidence to achieve many goals and speak my truth. Coaching really starts with commitment and trust from both me and my coach. I am grateful. I would highly recommend coaching to others.

Personal Growth Client

Jonathan built a rapport rapidly and is naturally very approachable. Jonathan’s questioning helped me to rapidly find solutions by developing insight into what was really bothering me.

Coaching Client