My lifetime of lived experience(s)

In my 50 years plus (I know I don’t look it), I am immensely privileged to have amassed a wealth of experience in life and in career. My path and journey has been anything but conventional or pain-free. Yet as a result, I have a treasure throve of lived experience reflected in both my Coaching and Mentoring.

Many good and wonderful things were written and said about me, leaving me feeling deeply touched and grateful.  But here is the deal … 

My wisdom, my strength and insight come from the battle scars and lessons learnt from the victories, and the defeats; the successes and the failures encountered in life. My compassion and empathy come from a place of vulnerability and self-awareness of my own human flaws and weaknesses. My superpower is the Grace given ability to condense all the power and presence of the Universe into that single moment of the 1-to-1 conversation or encounter with YOU.

Jonathan Tunde-Wright, October 2022

The following is a listed overview of my storehouse of practical, lived experiences (not theoretical), grouped into four broad categories.