Listening & Learning Together (LLT).

Are you truly and deeply listening to your inner voice?

​Attitudinal Healing emphasizes equality in every aspect of our lives and affirms that we are all student and teacher to each other.

Gerald Jampolsky

A key cornerstone of the LLT Coaching™ programme is the power and effectiveness of deep listening and learning together.

The relationship between the Coach and Client (you and me) is NOT that of Mentor – Mentee, Master – Disciple nor Teacher – Student.

Whilst I do play a significant role and bring my unique insights, experiences and intuitive skills to our interactions, it remains a partnership of equals. We are both equally teacher and student in the deep listening and learning that occurs in this coaching partnership.

Your internal guidance system knows stuff well before you do! It has information, insights, ideas and winning strategies that you could not possibly dream up on your own. We’ve read about great musicians, artists and inventors who describe their genius as coming through them rather than from them. That is the inner guide that knows stuff you don’t.

Some call this the ‘higher self’, ‘intuition’ or ‘the presence of God’. 

It is ALWAYS present to guide and serve you without judgement nor discrimination.

However, to access this guidance, we do need to be tuned in and listening; listening deeply to one’s self and to one another.

The LLT Coaching™ programme is designed to create and foster a true listening and learning environment (genuine and deep) that triggers insights, energy and the opportunities you seek to transform your inner and outer world.

This is what I call the ‘magic of coaching’ and it is truly satisfying to witness the transformation in my Clients.