My Approach: The INFJ-A Advantage in Coaching

My personality type is the INFJ-A (Advocate) according to the 16 Personalities framework.

This means I bring a unique blend of introversion, intuition, empathy, and a values-driven approach to my work as a coach.

Here’s how these traits can benefit my clients:

  • Deep Understanding: My introspective nature fosters deep listening and the ability to understand your experiences on a profound level.
  • Intuitive Guidance: I rely on insights and pattern recognition to guide you toward meaningful self-discovery.
  • Empathy as a Superpower: I create a safe space for you to explore complex emotions and challenges with warmth and understanding.
  • Values-Driven Support: My principled approach ensures our work aligns with your core values and beliefs.

Learn more about the INFJ-A personality type here: ​​​​​​​